Kariba Magistrate Resigns

ADMORE MBONDA |  3 weeks ago | top

Kariba resident magistrate, Mr Tafadzwa Mhlanga has resigned with immediate effect.

The magistrate reportedly tendered his resignation to his employer, the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) last week notifying them of his intention to quit.

JSC secretary, Mr Walter Chikwana has reportedly accepted his resignation.

Mr Mhlanga became Kariba resident magistrate in January last year, where he joined Mrs Bianca Mahere, who coincidentally also resigned last September.

This left Mhlanga serving as the only magistrate at Kariba Magistrates Court.

Before moving to Kariba, he also worked at the Mvuma Court.

Mhlanga, whose family stays in Masvingo province, wrote to his employer saying he was quitting JSC to pursue other employment opportunities.

JSC last week swore-in 16 new magistrates, and is expected to deploy a new magistrate immediately to fill the gap.