Weekend Get-up

Hot Property serves you nothing but the freshest weekend breakfast, that allows you to relax with a winning mindset as you enjoy all the fresh hits.Lets deal with the Friday hangover on the Chill Pill and of course refresh our memories with the music that shaped us requesting a song that evokes memories.

0600 - 1000 hrs



Dengezeze is your highly energetic one-stop show where we play the hottest and trending music in Mash-west as well as abroad. Mamonyamatete brings the Top 20, and a selection of future hit predictions, and he also catches up with different artists on the go. 

1000 - 1400 hrs


Weekend Flavour

A vibrant and energetic show bringing you all the hottest social issues around Mash-West and all your weekend get to go songs. Dj Given will surely crack your ribs with his crazy stories.

1400 - 1800 hrs


Saturday Part Radio

“Nothing but the party” as Dj Virus says it. If you are looking for something to get you on your toes then this is the right show for you.

1800 - 2200 hrs


Chilimba party Mix

Dj Mixtape

2200 - 0000 hrs